GCSE Results Arrangements 2020

On GCSE Results Day, Thursday 20th August 2020, we will not be able to distribute results to Year 11s as we usually do, in school. Although we are all hoping that we are through the worst of the Covid 19 crisis, we’ve come to realise that to promote any gathering of people from different households, many of whom will have an understandable instinct to hug the friends they have not seen since March, would simply not be responsible.

Therefore, on the morning of 20th August, results will be emailed to the email address nominated by your son/daughter. (We are unable to send the results via Parentmail, as they are, of course, your son/daughter’s results, and as such, we are required to send them directly.)

The results will also be sent out in the post. Initially we were hoping that we would be allowed to send them out to arrive on the morning of the 20thAugust, but the exam boards have said that schools are not allowed to post results any earlier than 9am that morning.

We are genuinely sorry that we will not be able to distribute the GCSE results as we traditionally do, but if the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that we are all having to adapt and compromise so that the risks of Covid 19 continue to diminish within our communities.

Kind regards, and keep safe

S Bellis