Inspection Reports

In April 2019 Lakelands Academy was visited by Ofsted inspectors and has been awarded an overall 'Good'.

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. Click here to be directed to the Ofsted Website.

During their visit, Ofsted inspectors assessed four standards:

                          Achievement of Pupils
                          Quality of teaching
                          Behaviour and safety of pupils
                          Leadership and management


View the April 2019 Ofsted Short Report.

View the February 2016 Ofsted Report.


View the Department of Educations School Performance Tables.



Lakelands Policies

Filename Size Date
       Admissions_202122.pdf 671.7KB 06/10/2020
       Admissions_202021.pdf 541.0KB 06/10/2020
Covid -19 Policies
       Behaviour_policy_addendum_coronavirus.pdf 460.4KB 24/11/2020
       Child Protection Policy COVID Addendum June 2020.pdf 471.4KB 01/10/2020
       KC Positive Behaviour Management Policy - COVID -19.pdf 504.7KB 01/10/2020
       Pupil Behaviour protocol.pdf 535.2KB 01/10/2020
Curriculum Policies
       Careers_Education_&_Guidance.pdf 448.8KB 06/08/2020
       Curriculum.pdf 295.1KB 06/08/2020
       Curriculum_Complaints.pdf 328.2KB 06/08/2020
       Higher_Learning_Potential.pdf 537.6KB 06/08/2020
       Marking.pdf 479.4KB 06/08/2020
       Personal_Social_Health_&Economic_Education.pdf 550.8KB 06/08/2020
       Teaching_&_Learning.pdf 461.8KB 06/08/2020
Ethos and Values
       Ethos and Values.pdf 129.7KB 18/11/2020
       Equality_Policy_and_Objectives.pdf 554.4KB 15/10/2020
       Public Sector Equality Duty .pdf 709.7KB 16/11/2020
Kettlemere Centre
       KC_SEN_ Information_ Report.pdf 415.9KB 01/10/2020
Pupil Premium
       Pupil Premium Plan 2020-21.pdf 872.5KB 24/11/2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection
       Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf 927.3KB 01/10/2020
Special Educational Needs
       SEN information report Lakelands.pdf 468.7KB 06/08/2020
       SEN policy Lakelands .pdf 369.2KB 06/08/2020
Students and Student Behaviour
       Anti_Bullying.pdf 555.1KB 06/08/2020
       Behaviour.pdf 344.2KB 06/08/2020
       Behaviour policy addendum coronavirus September 2020.pdf 455.1KB 25/08/2020
       Code_of_Conduct.pdf 367.6KB 25/08/2020
       Drugs.pdf 536.9KB 25/08/2020
       E-Safety-policy.pdf 749.7KB 04/11/2020
       Exclusions.pdf 384.0KB 04/11/2020
       Intimate_Care.pdf 554.2KB 04/11/2020
       Looked_ After_and_ Previously_Looked_After_Children.pdf 791.4KB 04/11/2020
       Mental_Health_policy_(students).pdf 591.2KB 04/11/2020
       Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.pdf 504.7KB 04/11/2020
       Relationship_and_Sex_Education.pdf 644.5KB 04/11/2020
       Religious_Education_and_Collective_Worship.pdf 306.3KB 04/11/2020
       Rewards.pdf 497.5KB 04/11/2020
       Sanctions.pdf 413.6KB 04/11/2020
Other Academy Policies
       Accessibility.pdf 272.7KB 06/08/2020
       Charging_and_Remissions.pdf 355.9KB 06/08/2020
       Complaints Policy.pdf 683.7KB 06/08/2020
       Gathering_the_Views.pdf 541.6KB 06/08/2020
       General Data Protection.pdf 524.6KB 01/10/2020
       Health_and_Safety.pdf 907.7KB 06/08/2020
       Privacy_Notice_ for_Students_and_Parents.pdf 157.2KB 06/08/2020
       Smoking.pdf 715.1KB 06/08/2020
       Spiritual,Moral,Social_and_ Cultural_Education.pdf 549.8KB 06/08/2020
       Supporting_ Pupils_ with_ Special_ Medical_ Needs.pdf 513.5KB 06/08/2020
Trade Union Facility Time Report
       Trade Union Facility Time 2019-20.docx 13.2KB 15/10/2020