Cancellation of Year 6 Taster Day 1st of October 2021

This year we were all hoping that life would get back to normal, and that Covid disruption would be behind us. Unfortunately, the new variants of Covid seem to have other ideas.

A couple of weeks ago I was incredibly disappointed to have to tell you that our fabulous Open Day plans had to be shelved because of rising numbers of Covid infections in the local community. Today I’m equally devastated to have to tell you that we are not going to be able to run our Year 6 taster day on Friday 1st October.

Believe me when I say that we have agonised about making this decision, but know that it is the responsible thing to do. Today we have learned that Public Health Shropshire, who see the picture across Shropshire, are revising their guidance to reflect the changing picture they are seeing.

Obviously we want to do whatever we can to support the county effort to contain the spread of Covid, safeguard our local communities and protect the NHS. Bringing children from different schools together at the moment just doesn’t seem sensible.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment that this change of plans may cause. I’ve already apologised to staff here who have been working really hard to plan for the day, and who were looking forward to the injection of energy and excitement that Year 6 visitors always bring with them.

I dearly hope that we will be able to plan for Year 6 to come and see us before too long, even if we’re not able to replicate the full taster day experience. We’re very proud of Lakelands and love to welcome visitors, so please do watch this space!

Kind regards, and stay safe

Mrs Bellis



Click on the links below to access videos relating to each Faculty area within the Academy.

Introduction to World Studies from Mrs Bellis (Headteacher)

Introduction to Creative Arts & Technology from Mr Parkhurst (Assistant Headteacher)

Introduction to Science & PE from Mrs Mansfield (Head of Year 7&8)

Introduction to Maths from Miss Warren (SENDco)

Introduction to English from our former Head girl and Head boy




At Lakelands, close links are maintained with all our local primary schools, and for students transferring to Lakelands at 11+ an agreed procedure ensures as smooth a transition as possible. We have a Year 6 Taster Day every year at the beginning of October for prospective students to spend the day here prior to places being offered by the LA in March. Students follow a special timetable, taking part in assembly, staying for lunch, and having access to all areas of the school. This gives them experience of the school and relieves many of their concerns about the transfer.


However, these "Taster Days" have no relevance to admissions and the allocation of places. They do not give any guarantee of a place being offered to your child. Such days are entirely separate from "Induction Days" which will be held in the summer term prior to entry for those students who have been offered a place at the Academy by the LA. Assistant Head Teacher, Mr Parkhurst and Head of Years 7 & 8, Miss Mansfield, visit primary schools to meet the children individually. The children then spend an induction day here, and their parents are invited to an information evening.