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There are various modes of transport provided, for the journey to and from Lakelands Academy, including buses and Taxis.

Shropshire County Council provides a number of free bus and Taxi places, for in catchment students that live more than 3 miles from school. An online application form to apply for these places can be obtained from their website, or a paper copy can be obtained from your Primary school or Lakelands Academy Reception. The form should be completed as soon as you know your child will be attending this school and submitted online or returned to Lakelands Academy reception.

For those students who have applied for and been offered free school transport to Lakelands Academy by Shropshire Council, please refer to their letter & route schedule that you have been provided with for pick up points and times. If you have any queries regarding the pick-up point or times of your child’s transport (through Shropshire Council) please contact either Tony Harrison on 01743 253044 or Claire Stephens on 01743 252485.

There are also two further bus routes, from Oswestry via St Martins and Park Hall via Whittington for students outside catchment area. These are parent paid coaches which are partially subsidised by Lakelands Academy. Letters offering places on this service with all fees and payment details are sent to Parents in April of each year. These services are very popular and so places both for new students and current students are offered on a first come first served basis.

Please click here to contact us for any further information regarding transport to and from Lakelands Academy.