On behalf of the students, staff and governors of Lakelands Academy, I’m delighted to offer you a very warm welcome to our website. 

Mrs H S Bellis


We are all very proud of our school and are happy to show visitors around our outstanding facilities at any time. Always working to improve the experience of our students, over the last six years we have secured funding of nearly four million pounds to provide a learning environment fit for the future. We have a new Science block, Creative Arts and Technology Area and dining room, along with enhanced learning facilities for English and World Studies (MFL and Humanities).

Of course, any working environment is only ever as good as the people within it, and here I believe our young ‘Lakelanders’ to be particularly fortunate. I am privileged to have the support of an incredible, dynamic and innovative staff team, who share my passion to ensure that Lakelands is constantly developing, improving and evolving.




We hope our website gives you a flavour of the range of opportunities – inside the classroom and beyond - that we offer to all our students, though to fully appreciate the 'Lakelands ethos’, I extend an invitation to you to come and meet us in person.






Visitors often remark on the ‘family feel’ of the academy, and I think this is an accurate comparison to make. We know all of our students really well, and aim to steer them through their five years with us, so that they emerge as successful, high achieving, resilient young adults, ready to take their place in society and make their mark. Many former students take the time to come back to visit us, and to inspire the next generation who can see, at first hand, just where a Lakelands education can lead.





Of course, Lakelands is first and foremost a learning environment, and we are very proud of the “culture of high expectations” which Ofsted remarked upon in 2016.  


Ofsted also commented that “pupils have positive attitudes towards learning and outstanding conduct”.
We are proud that – because of teamwork between students, subject teachers, pastoral staff and, of course, parents - this is consistently translated into academic success.




In fact, the 2017 GCSE results were some of our best ever – set against a backdrop of considerable change in the national system, with all new exams designed to be tougher. Our students rose to the challenge and achieved highly across a range of subjects. An impressive 79% of students attained a Grade 4 (equivalent to a ‘C’) and above in English, and 74% in Maths. 69% achieved both English and Maths at ‘C’ equivalent. A significant number of students achieved A*-A / Grades 7-9 across many subjects, including some at grade 9 – introduced in 2017 to acknowledge the success of the highest achieving students nationally. These excellent figures clearly illustrate how the academy has held firm during a time of significant change, and reflects the teamwork that exists between our teaching staff and the students in their care.        

Schooldays should be about building memories as well as building successful futures, and we try hard to make sure that our students create some of the very best during their time with us. From yearly rites of passage such as Festival Week (which sees the competition between our four ‘houses’ reach fever pitch), the annual school production and Year 11 Prom, to the dazzling variety of trips at home and abroad, we understand how much young people gain from exploring the world beyond themselves. One of the greatest privileges we share at Lakelands, is seeing successive generations discovering the world they will one day inherit, and emerging at sixteen, ready to play their part in making it a better place.


Lakelands Ethos, Values and Vision

Lakelands Academy is an inclusive school, with a family ethos that supports all of its young people to grow and evolve as ambitious learners, developing resilience, self- belief, adaptability, and compassion.

We aim to provide high quality education and experiences by:

  • Creating an innovative, responsive and personalised curriculum so that all learners can secure high standards of progress and achievement;
  • Offering a range of activities – curricular and extra-curricular – in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes essential for life and work in the 21st century;
  • Providing a caring, happy and supportive environment, where expectations and responsibilities are clearly understood and readily accepted, and where students develop respect, and an intrinsic motivation to support each other;
  • Broadening our students’ horizons and nurturing an understanding and appreciation of the interdependence of individuals, groups, communities and nations;
  • Fostering a dynamic, vibrant professional learning community where research, reflection and training ensure high quality practice;
  • Communicating and collaborating to enhance the partnership between school, home and the wider community.  

In putting our ethos and values into practice, we challenge our students to develop skills of self- regulation, high standards in all aspects of school life, and a responsible, compassionate approach to others by asking them:-

  • Is it safe?

  • Is it smart?

  • Is it responsible?

  • Is it kind?

Please explore our website, and feel free to contact us if you would like to know more. You can email me directly at Head@lakelandsacademy.org.uk.
If you are considering making an application for your child to join us, we will be delighted to show you round and talk you through the process.





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