Severe Weather

During periods of severe weather Lakelands Academy will endeavour to remain open but the health and safety of both students and staff will be paramount in any decision to close the Academy.

Please be assured the decision will not be taken lightly but we are not prepared to put people at risk.  

If severe weather is forecast, the situation will be assessed and a decision about whether Lakelands Academy should open be taken and communicated to you via the following:


  • BBC Radio Shropshire - 96FM (please ensure you have the correct frequency) to check on updates on travel routes and school closures


  • Here on the Lakelands Academy Website – this will be updated to inform you of the situation and will have a time and date of the update


  • Parent Mail – We will where possible use this facility to keep parents updated



Unless you have been notified through the above channels please assume Lakelands Academy to be open.