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Reading Cloud is an online student reading community that gives students library access and information as well as supporting students in rasing literacy standards, developing information literacy skills and encouraging students to become life-long readers.

Young Writers


Writing West Midlands is part of an EU funded project that aims to encourage teenagers to read and write creatively.  They have produced a website that young people can sign up to, post book reviews, speak to authors for advice and inspiration and post their own fan fiction and is free to join!  It opens the door to an online community of teen readers from all over Europe.

Writing West Midlands also releases a magazine three times a year and young people are invited to submit their writing (500 words) for a chance to have their work appear in the magazine.  If a piece of writing is not included in the magazine, a professional author will read over it and feedback will be given with hints and tips on how to improve your writing. 

Check out to read previous editions of the magazine and to find out more information