Exam Results 2023

Congratulations to the "Class of 2023, who have worked so hard to achieve a great set of results. Since the challenges of Covid they faced in Year 8 and 9, they have shown an impressive resilience and maturity, remaining focused on achieving their best and supporting each other throughout their time here. The results they received today are well deserved and a reflection of the spirit of this wonderful group of young people. A significant number of students achieved Grades 7-9 across the subjects they studied - here are just some of the outstanding individual performances:



Grade 7-9

Chloe Lewis 10 (including 4 Grades 9s, 5 Grades 8s, 1 Grade 7)
Josh Martin 10 (including 4 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s)
Tegan Haskell 9 (including 5 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7) 
Morn Williams 7 (including 1 Grade 9, 2 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s)
Stela Shishkova 6 (including 1 Grade 9, 4 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7)
Darcey Cullen 6 (including 1 BTEC Distinction, 2 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s)
Olivia Sekunda 5 (including 1 Grade 9, 1 BTEC Distinction, 3 Grade 7s)



We are thrilled for all our students as they build on their success and embark upon the next stage of their lives. The staff and governors of Lakelands Academy would like to wish the "Class of 2023" all the very best for a healthy and successful future.









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