Deadline for return of Keyworker forms is 7pm today

Thank you to those of you who have already returned a key worker form, may I remind you that the deadline is 7pm this evening - Friday 20th March 2020.

Parent Keyworker Identification Form




By completing this form you are informing Lakelands Academy that you believe that you will fall under the government identification of a ‘keyworker’ for our country, and have no other option but to send your child to school. When we receive further guidance from government, it will be this new guidance that determines which children will continue to attend. Gathering this information now will help Lakelands Academy to be prepared to support keyworkers’ families from Monday. All applicants will be informed as to whether they meet the new government criteria.


Please understand that we are being instructed to prioritise this limited provision to children where both parents are key workers, or to children of single parents where that parent is a keyworker. We will only be able to accept children where proof of key worker status has been provided to the academy (this is the government directive).


Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. We will not share this information and will process this information in line with all GDPR regulations. Once this information has been processed and used for the purpose described, it will be destroyed by the academy.


Full Name: Mr / Mrs / Ms _______________________________________________________________


Child/ren’s Name and Form/s: ____________________________________________________________


1. What is your job title?




2. Who is your employer?






3. Are you a full time worker or a part time worker?





4. Are you a single parent?




5. If you have a spouse / partner, who lives in the family home, are they also a keyworker? If yes, please detail their job title, employer and state if they are full time or part time.