Arrangements for Keyworkers children and children who are not in school

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you to those of you who have already returned a key worker form, may I remind you that the deadline is 7pm this evening.

Arrangements for children of keyworkers

At the moment we are not sure how many keyworker children will be in school on Monday. Those who are attending should be in their usual school uniform, should bring their usual equipment, and a PE kit. This instruction will apply throughout the ‘closure’ period, and will mean that pupils are always equipped for the day, however it is structured.

On Monday morning those pupils who are coming to school will be permitted to come straight into school. They will be directed to gather in rooms along the ’long corridor’ and will receive further instructions there.

A limited canteen service will be available, but of course, children can bring a packed lunch if they prefer. Shropshire Council have confirmed that the usual travel and transport systems will operate as normal for the next two weeks. As soon as we know more regarding transport, we will write to you.

Please be assured that we will be making sure that we have the appropriate amount of first aiders and safeguarding staff available throughout this period. We will be registering pupils as usual. It will be more important than ever for you to let us know if a child we are expecting in school, will not be attending (perhaps because you are a keyworker, have a day off, and want to spend it with your children.) Whatever the reason, please contact us as you normally would via 01691 622543, before 9am.

Of course, if anyone in your family should develop symptoms of the virus – persistent cough, and/or fever, you must not send your child into school.

Children who are not in school

Staff will be uploading work via Show My Homework, and as I said in an earlier letter, it will be critical for our children to keep learning. I know with certainty that if children lose the habit of regular learning now, they will struggle to recapture it. I want all of our children to achieve their fullest potential once all this is over, so we must all try to keep the wheels of learning in motion.

I know that there are some Year 9s and 10s who had hardly any notice of this week’s partial closure, who may wish to collect belongings from school. You will already have received a Parentmail advising that between 9:30am and 2:30pm, next week only, individual students will be allowed to come into school to collect things they need.

Please emphasise to your children that we are all making such drastic changes to our lives because the threat of this virus spreading is very real, and the possible consequences are terrifying. Our young people who are not going to be with us in school have a responsibility to be at home, not out and about socialising. I know it is very hard for many of them to understand (it’s hard for all of us, really) but more now than ever before, we must all take individual responsibility. In this fight against an unseen but deadly enemy, we must all do whatever we can to protect, not only ourselves, but the community we are part of. Please make sure that you explain this at home, and keep emphasising this in the critical weeks to come.


This has been the most challenging week that many of us have ever experienced in school.

I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement – it has made a difficult week significantly more bearable. As more information becomes available, I will make sure that I keep you informed. Until then, keep well and safe and have a good weekend.

Kind regards

 Mrs Bellis