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Apprenticeships - Can you help a young person take a ‘Step on the Ladder’

The Ladder for Shropshire is a one stop shop to offer impartial advice about Apprenticeships. We are keen to speak to employers to take full advantage of Apprenticeships and the benefits they can bring!


You don’t need to know anything about Apprenticeships, the Ladder is here to help!


What we do:

  • Provide free impartial advice regarding Apprenticeships, Traineeships & Kickstart.
  • Provide information on grants and incentives available to employers (Incentives up to £4,000 per apprentice until September 2021)
  • Put you in touch with the best local training providers to suit your needs.


Why are we seeking employers to offer Apprenticeships?


  • Youth unemployment has doubled since the beginning of the year, having a devastating impact on an entire generation of talented young workers


  • Employers that step up and offer opportunities will help to ensure that this generation of young people is not left behind through no fault of their own, not to mention the effect that under skilled and unemployed people could have on our future economy.


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