Careers programme

At Lakelands, we feel it is vitally important that our students have first hand experiences and encounters with a range of educations and training providers and we encourage the exploration of career opportunities, to expand student's networks, enabling them to make informed and independent decisions about life after Lakelands.

The Careers guidance and education programme we deliver at Lakelands Academy is seen as a continuous process from Year’s 7 – 11. Our careers programme is shared with students, parents/carers and the wider community.





Mrs V Wilkinson

Lakelands Careers Leader










Careers Advisor

Clare Danby

Available for 1-to-1 meetings in school, ask your form tutor or Mrs Wilkinson.


Enterprise Co-ordinator

Shelley Robinson




Course overview

At Lakelands, we ensure that students, from Year 7 right through to Year 11, have access to good quality information about their future study options and choices. 












Careers Delivery Support
Further careers information and guidance will be supported through the delivery of PSHEE lessons.
PSHEE KS3 – World of work
PSHEE KS4 - World Of Work
Careers information will be linked to curriculum learning. Teaching staff are accountable for supporting careers through the delivery of schemes of work, connecting subject learning to post 16 opportunities. Helping students to see the relevance of their curriculum to the world of work.



Lakelands Academy Careers Fair 2018

Lakelands Academy Careers Fair 2018