Physical Education

The P.E. department aims to involve all of our students in as any many varied and challenging activities as possible. We understand that students learn in different ways and at different paces and much thought is given to how each students as an individual, can be challenged and challenge themselves.



The department follows the QCA scheme of work at present so lessons are planned in accordance with this to achieve the following objectives;

  • to develop students physical competence and confidence.
  • to develop students ability to use this competence and confidence to perform a range of activities.
  • To promote physical skilfulness, physical development and a knowledge of the body in action.
  • to provide opportunities for students to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams.
  • to promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles.
  • to help students make informed choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity.
  • The department will also plan an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities to encourage life long learning and ongoing participation and interest in sport outside the school.

The activities covered within the Physical Education curriculum at Lakelands Academy is intended to contribute to the physical, emotional, social and mental development of each students.

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Through the study of Physical Education activities students are able to reflect on and evaluate their own existence and values in relation to society. They will have opportunities to do this by experiencing and reflecting on both their own human achievement and that of elite performers.

1. In addition, through developing leadership skills during activities, by adopting different roles during activities and by analysing them and others performance the will begin to recognise and understand their own and others individual worth.

2. Physical Education will give students a sense of achievement and help foster positive attitudes towards themselves

3. Some areas where Physical Education are developed and students spiritual growth

  • Discussion of current issues/affairs.
  • Taking on different roles.
  • Analysis and feedback of performance.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Differentiated tasks and learning.
  • Achievable objectives.
  • Challenging tasks.




Moral and Ethical;
The process of participating in physical activity promotes students negotiation skills and encourages recognition and sympathetic awareness of their own values and beliefs and those of others. Students have the opportunity to discern, consider and discuss values and attitudes, relating it to the dilemmas of moral behaviour or effects of change within the society.

Students will gain an understanding of socially accepted codes of behaviour. Students are encouraged to accept authority and support referees, umpires and judges.

  • Discussion of incidents occurring in activities.
  • Learn right from wrong.
  • Fair play in sport.
  • Respecting decisions.
  • Accepting decisions.
  • Shake hands after games.





Participating in physical activities encourages candidates to consider the values and attitudes that prevail in society and social groups.

In addition they will need to know and understand the effects that social groupings have on performance and participation of individuals and groups.

Certain physical activities are well suited to the students development of loyalty and teamwork.

Working as a team.           Including others in the team.           Working with others ‘outside’ the usual social group.           Developing skills as a group.






Through team activities students have the opportunity to consider and discuss questions of group identity, belonging and behaviour.

By participating in the range of activities on offer students have the opportunity to experience, appreciate and relate to cultures other than their own.

The facilities at Lakelands Academy both indoor and outdoor are excellent, allowing a dedicated PE team to deliver exciting and stimulating lessons for students as part of their PE curriculum. The PE department also runs an extensive extra-curricular programme for both competitive and non-competitive sportsmen.

Within the North Shropshire District and indeed on a County level, Lakelands Academy teams are very competitive, taking on and often beating the larger schools in the area. Recent successes in Football, Netball, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Badminton, Cross Country and Athletics are examples of this.

Within school there is also a thriving Inter-House sports programme allowing a greater number of students to compete in their chosen sports.

The PE staff are committed to ensuring that ALL students will enjoy and succeed in their PE at Lakelands.




Course Overview




The Key Stage 3 curriculum (Years 7 - 9) follows the QCA guidelines and aims to build on the skills and techniques learnt in Key Stage 2, and how to apply them in different activities. Consideration is given to their increasing understanding as to what makes effective performances, and opportunities are given for them to apply this to their own and others work. Opportunities are also given for them to make decisions about what needs to be done to improve performance and to adopt different roles in activities such as an official, leader or coach.

Year 7

Induction Programme (14 Hours)
Games - Football
  - Netball
  - Hockey
Dance - min. 10 hours
Gymnastics - min 10 hours


Year 8

Fitness (HRE)




Year 9

Dance - (for those considering GCSE)
Fitness (HRE)  





Activities in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) Core PE (for all students) follow QCA guidelines and aim to build on the strengths and develop weaknesses students experienced in Key Stage 3.

Their activity can focus, at this stage, on competing, performing, promoting health and well being or on developing personal fitness.

Students are given a limited options programme from a variety of activities so they can opt to follow personal interests and strengths. This option system runs, in Year 10, up untill Easter. In the summer term all Year 10’s will follow athletics programmes.

The following activities are offered (up until Easter for Year 10):

Football Hockey Basketball

Rounders Rugby Netball

Tennis Badminton Volleyball

Aerobics Fitness Self Defence

Gym Cricket Softball

The option blocks run for 7-9 hours each. For Year 10 in the Summer Term all students will take athletics.

(Toward the end of Year 11 during the Summer Term, they will have satisfied National Curriculum requirements and so do not have to do athletics in the summer term but can opt for this.)

GCSE and BTEC Options in Key Stage Four.

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to discuss with staff their options for Years 10 and 11 to help focus in on their strengths in particular areas and so opt for the right course from the following:

  • Physical Education GCSE
  • BTEC First in Sport