Information Technology

Information Technology, IMedia and Computer Science Teacher: Mr Purslow

By the time students leave Lakelands, we aim for all of them to be independent and discriminating users of Technology, whether it is on a computer, a laptop, a smart phone, a tablet and other smart devices.

We want students to have a solid understanding of what makes up a computer and a computer network, how they actually work, and how they can be programmed. We also want all students to be able to effectively use a range of software commonly found in colleges, universities and work places.

Course overview

In Year 7 the students study:

  • e-safety,
  • Core Word Processing and Desktop Publishing skills
  • Introductory programming concepts in Kodu and Scratch,
  • Basic spreadsheets in Ms Excel
  • Computer Hardware and how a computer works

In Year 8, the curriculum covers:

  • Making a website both by using software and by coding it in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Managing a shop using Introductory database techniques
  • The risks and consequences of cyberbullying and sharing images and videos
  • Introduction to Vector and Bitmap graphics
  • Using intermediate programming concepts to make a game in Scratch, and to control Robots
  • An introduction to search and sorting algorithms
  • An introduction to Python programing

The year 9 course includes:

  • Learning how to program using Python, a professional text based language
  • Intermediate spreadsheet and modelling skills
  • Designing Apps
  • Computer Networks and the Internet
  • Network risks and security
  • Encryption and basic cyphers
  • An integrated theme park business project developing graphical skills

At Key Stage 4, in years 10 and 11, students can study either OCR GCSE Computer Science, where they develop their knowledge of coding, algorithms, computational thinking and computer hardware or OCR Cambridge Nationals Creative imedia a more creative course that further develops planning skills and creative hands on skills (such as graphics, websites etc.).

To help us deliver this, we use a wide range of industry standard hardware and software including:

  • Several dedicated ICT Suites with 30+ networked computers in each using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365
  • Serif Suite - for video, graphics and animation.
  • The Finch Robot - for robotics and programming (developed by Carnegie Mellon University),
  • Kodu (Microsoft) and Scratch (MIT) - for game making
  • HTML5, CSS and basic JavaScript - for website development
  • Python 3 for an introduction to Object Oriented Programming

For more information regarding the GCSE syllabus followed at Lakelands Academy please click here to view OCR Exam Board information.

If you require any further information regarding the IT curriculum at Lakelands please click here to contact Mr Purslow the IT teacher.



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