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Drama at Lakelands is a creative blend of performance, exploration, technical design and imagination. As well as being able to pursue drama in lessons, students are also encouraged within opportunities to become involved in a range of extracurricular activities for example Drama Club, School Productions and the end of year Arts Festival. These are met with enthusiasm and commitment which result in fantastic performances.

Drama encourages individuality and the development of many transferable skills for example communication and teamwork. Each student learns to take an active part in the group tasks. This encourages development of listening skills and problem solving. Strategies are in place to ensure that each student feels valued and safe. Everyone’s point of view is valued and each idea listened to. This environment encourages students to develop skills and to expand their comfort zone.

Course overview

In Year 7 Drama begins with an exciting investigation of ‘The Haunted School’ where students explore who is responsible for the strange goings on in their new school. Drama structures such as Still Image, Movement Sequence, Whole Group Role Play and Teacher in Role are some of the many learnt. Other themes and theatre traditions which are taught in year 7 include, Amadora (community), Rose Blanche (an alternative look at WWII), Kabuki, The Gresford Disaster and Prate Peaceful (adaptation of a novel).

In Year 8 students begin with an issue based scheme of work based on Conflict. As well as building on drama structures learnt in Year 7 there is a focus on elements of drama including symbolism. The students go on to work on performance skills in particular Documentary Drama when focusing on ‘Rock Stars’. Other themes and theatre traditions covered in year 8 include Mental Health, Masks and Ghost stories.

In Year 9 there is an expectation of more independent work. Two National Theatre plays are explored; The Stones and Slow Time. Both plays make comments on important issues facing young people as well as allowing our students access to the recorded productions. Other themes and theatre traditions explored in Year 9 include; Identity, Romeo and Juliette and Legal Highs.

GCSE Drama is offered as an optional subject choice to KS4 students to study in Years 10 and 11. In Year 10 students explore themes such as The Hillsborough Disaster as unit 1 practice. Students then go on to work on the play Blood Brothers to explore sections of the script and to work towards a public performance. In the Summer Term of the students will be focusing on their Unit 2 controlled assessment based on The Woman in Black. This will involve both practical and written work.

In Year 11 students focus on Unit 1 controlled assessment based on the theme Community and complete the GCSE course with the practical exam (Unit 3) within which they are given a choice of focusing on one of the following area; Acting (script or devised), Lighting, Sound, Set, Makeup or Costume.

Recent theatre visits for KS4 include; The Woman in Black, Finding Joy and Nursing Lives.

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If you would like any further information about the Drama Curriculum at Lakelands please click here to contact the Drama Teacher and Head of Faculty, Mrs Williams or to view the full EDEXCEL GCSE curriculum for Drama please click here.



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