Art Teachers: Mr Richards & Mrs Williams

Course overview

The Art department provides all pupils with a wide range of experiences and opportunities, including drawing and painting, textiles, sculpture, adobe photo shop, animation, photography and ceramics. The teaching of art aims to promote visual literacy and to encourage students to make informed judgments about the man-made and natural world.

In Year 7 the pupils are encourages to experiment with a wide range of media and materials, as well as develop individual expression, initiative and inventiveness to evaluate their own and other’s work and to learn about the importance to society of the artist, craftsperson and designer. This begins with observational drawing, where the surrounding Welsh hills are used to focus on landscape. The students experiment with chalk and charcoal to create an individual landscape which captures our beautiful countryside.

Year 8 concentrating on core drawing skills, again experimenting and developing their use of media and materials, expression and inventiveness. These core skills lead into investigation into creation of abstract pieces of work using colour and application techniques.

In Year 9 these core skills, expression and experimentation techniques are developed further investigating the subjects of Cubism and Portraiture.


At the end of Year 9 students have the option, to choose to study Art GCSE in Years 10 and 11.

This two year course is designed to stimulate and develop thinking processes and decision making, and also to develop manipulative skills in the use of a wide variety of materials. Students will use their skills and knowledge to produce work of a higher order with more emphasis on developing their own personal style of work. Projects will be carried out in many areas of study including textile design, Photography lens and light-based media, graphic communication, fine art and 3D design and students will be expected to develop their ideas in a wide variety of media.

Coursework consists of themes and personal projects that is teacher led in the first year culminating in a mock exam in the December term of the start of year 11. At all stages the students are taught the base skills necessary to achieve their goals and be assessed upon a series of structured areas:

  • Develop ideas and an individual style within a Portfolio of artwork
  • Refine ideas and research and include this in a Portfolio of artwork
  • Record Ideas and present them in a Portfolio of artwork
  • Present their responses in a personal manner in a Portfolio of artwork


Assessment is; Coursework – 60% Unit 1 Personal portfolio

Examination – 40% Unit 2 Externally set assignment

For more information;

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Mr A Richards

Mrs K Williams