"We feel our House system will raise standards, expectations and aspirations. 
It will create group loyalty which can have a powerful influence on behaviour. 
We are always looking to promote our students confidence and ability to being open to  new experiences, helping them to really enjoy their time at Lakelands Academy."

Miss Mansfield, Head of Year 7 and Year 8  



Belonging to a House is a pivotal part of the ‘Lakelands’ experience and the Academy prides itself on its very active House system where all students and staff are assigned to one of the four houses. Added to the sense of belonging to a Tutor Group, we believe being a part of a House, can give students a sense of identity and purpose.






Joining a secondary school can be a daunting time for primary school students.  Stepping in to a new school environment and having to adjust to its size and layout whilst meeting and making new friends can be a challenge.  All new students are assigned to a House which will be their House throughout their school career.  Siblings join the same House creating  familiarity for younger brothers and sisters.

Students wear the tie which bears their house colour and compete in challenges throughout the year, which along with attendance, positive attitudes, commitment and progress means that straight away, they too are helping their house aim for the coveted half termly House Trophy displayed in reception. We believe our house system provides our students with a host of opportunities to contribute to and get involved with, events and competitions that promote our students’ sense of family and belonging.

Our House names are derived from our stunning surroundings in Shropshire’s Lake District within which Lakelands Academy is set.